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quality and design are our DNA



Reinventing tradition. This is our horizon,a vision that drives us to rework production systems, forms and functions with an innovative view. The expression of craftmanship and attention to the product, together with the design define a qualitative and dynamic approach far away from the compromises of the great numbers , in order to meet the needs of a market increasingly complex and constantly changing.


A few rooms in the house have had as many profond changes in recent decades as the bathroom, and just this very evolution requires to put at the service of customers our 30 years of industry experience to interpret new needs and lifestyles. The large capacity acquired in galvanized finishes and our production systems , between craftmanship and modern technologies make the taylor- made possible allowing a product customization.


Not only the pursuit of aesthetic, but also new fuctions and production solutions for an original design which tends to bring changes in the relationship between man and object. For our company , the project is inherent in the products and not a simple added value. Design as an absulute value that accompanies the product during its entire life, from concept to disposal.


Quality is not an opinion! Craftmanship, innovation, dynamism, respect and customer’s satisfaction are the values on which our company was founded. Starting from the selection of the best raw materials onwards, our production is followed with careful attention to details. A great deal of our procedures , such as cleaning, plating and Assembly, are performed manually by qualified and experienced personnel. A process that leads to excellence, a quality 100% made Italy, with 10 certified year warranty on all products.


Water is life. The fittings are elective means to emphasize the close relationship between the water and the body of the people , making the moment of the body care a shelter from stress and a pleasant time to devote to themselves. Our products are designed to emphasize this moment, making the experience more enjoyable and relaxing, through an immersive management of the flows and the support of chromotherapy.


The focus on environmental sustainability is now an inalienable factor for a modern and aware production. For this reason our company designs and manufactures its products in compliance with national and international applicable regulations. We pay particular attention to the environmental issues equipping our products of water saving devices and using 100% recyclable materials.


QD offers the ability to customize each bathroom as needed, offering a wide choice of color combinations and finishes.