Magistro Lab, the QD research and development department dedicated to design and innovation, every year chooses on the basis of studies and research on color trends, a wide choice of available shades that allows you to satisfy every need or desire for a refined and contemporary bathroom environment.

The colors are chosen in order to best interpret the monochromatic or two-tone solutions, alternatives to the wide choice of metal finishes in the catalogue.

The concept of time is emphasised in an emphatic way by the new delicate pastel shades available in pink blush, aquamarine, atlantic blue and london sky.

Pink Blush

The delicate and spring-like pink expressed in the shade Pink Blush makes a lively, playful and unconventional choice that is perfectly discreet.


The choice of a shade inspired by the spectrum of water recalls the dialogue with elements of nature, including heat and light.

Astral Night

The blue of the boundless starry sky evokes the infinite, enhances the extreme cleanliness of the design and exalts its elegance.

London sky

The shade of London Sky is extremely sophisticated, the non-colour tone conferring a precious touch to the context.

This accomplished and contemporary collection is available as a single-colour or in a two-colour version in various individual combinations. A choice of chrome, brushed black chrome, blacktar or nickel can be combined with the handle in a variety of finishes or new colours such as Paris green, Astral night Blue or Tuscan sun yellow.

Tuscan Sun

The warmth and brightness of this shade render the handle a counterpoint that exalts the clean linearity of the metal body. Matt powder coating finish.

Astral Night

The deep blue absorbs light and contrasts with the reflective surface of the underlying body, accentuating its elegance. Matt liquid coating finish.

Paris Green

The choice of this precious shade of green is a reference to crystalline water permeated by sunlight. Matt powder coating finish.

Flora is a floral element in the context of the bathroom. The special handle, which reinterprets an industrial fire, brings a touch of colourful lightness to the everyday environment.

Available in a monochrome or two-tone version that can be customised with a chrome, brushed black chrome, blacktar or nickel body and a choice of white, red, black, water blue or military green handle.


The choice of a primary colour like bright red transforms the detail of the handle into a lively accent within a bathroom. Glossy powder coating finish

Military Green

The elegance of this shade of green for a minimal detail serves as a classic inspiration that is both conceptual and fresh. Matt powder coating finish

Water Blue

The shade of Water Blue is a natural choice that takes inspiration from the water to enhance its reflections and transparency. Matt powder coating finish

Black Matt

Matt powder coating finish.

White Matt

Matt powder coating finish

Liquid painting

Liquid painting has the ability to produce a refined finish, a characteristic that aligns this process with fine workmanship and luxury production lines. The technique requires longer processing times along with experienced and skilled workers. Liquid painting cannot always be standardised but offers a broad range of colours and refined aesthetic effects such as matte, soft-touch, chrome, glitter and many others besides. It is particularly versatile and suitable for customisations.

Powder coating

Used on metals, the coloured powder coating technique requires really high temperatures to achieve an elevated degree of resistance and excellent aesthetic results. To obtain characteristics such as homogeneity and stability, some of the process must be completed manually by expert painters.

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