“Our job is to welcome water into everyday spaces, and to do so to the best of our ability.”

The QD Magistro Lab philosophy aims to translate that moment of contact into an increasingly natural and perfect user experience.

Respect for water, as the fundamental principle of the environment and life itself, is an attitude and at the same time the ultimate synthesis of our philosophy.


The company, or the “Factory” as it likes to call itself, studies and designs its products in absolute autonomy and in compliance with current national and international regulations.

An active approach to environmental issues equips products with water-saving devices using 100% recyclable materials.

“Water inspires our gaze by giving transparency, lightness, adaptability and cleanliness to the shapes we design, and reminds us of the importance of control, reliability and full safety”.


An Italian story of vision and perseverance

QD Magistro Lab was founded in 1981 from a simple paint shop in San Maurizio d’Opaglio in the heart of the Lake Orta tapware district in Piedmont. The ambitious entrepreneurial vision of the Magistro family – their own product line that fully expresses their approach – is still to be realised.

In the early nineties, a manual galvanic plant was added to the original plant and the company started producing fittings, moving from a subcontractor to a full-fledged manufacturer.

In just a few years, a strategic vision led the company to introduce shower columns and slide rails into its product range, thereby expanding and consolidating its presence on the global market. The market’s response translated into growth and in 2001 the new production site was completed on two levels, with an automated galvanic plant and doubled space for assembly and storage. In the same year the historical products were re-proposed in a modern style and other materials such as stainless steel and ABS were added to the brass workmanship, particularly for the collections of shower heads and hand showers.

Today, with almost half a century of experience,

QD Magistro Lab continues to implement the production of taps and fittings, both for the bathroom and the kitchen.

The QD Magistro Lab brand has recently been involved in a major overhaul, expanding its product range and adapting it to the latest and ever-growing demands of contemporary lifestyle.

Quality and craftsmanship

The craftsmen of industry

Quality, craftsmanship and active attention to detail are the founding values of QD Magistro Lab.

Most of the processes, including cleaning, chromium-plating and assembly, are still carried out manually by skilled and qualified personnel. The company’s mission expresses in every aspect the desire to stand out from large-scale automated and standardised production.

“QD Magistro Lab combines the use of state-of-the-art technology with an artisan and manufacturing approach, where each individual product receives the care of a unique and limited piece. The quest for perfection, this is the added value of the QD Magistro Lab lines.”


Reinventing tradition

Tackling tradition from an innovative perspective is the vision that leads QD Magistro Lab to a constant reworking of production systems, product forms and functions. Craftsmanship and design, combined with extreme care for the product and the search for an ever-new user experience, define a qualitative and dynamic approach.

Far from the complexities of large numbers, QD Magistro Lab seeks to satisfy an active market with increasingly complex and evolving needs.


Design as a beginning and an end

QD Magistro Lab design is not just the relentless pursuit of aesthetics, it is the continuous refinement of new functions and production solutions that constantly innovate the relationship between man and object. QD Magistro Lab design is never an added value, on the contrary: it is the product itself and its essence.

Magistro Lab


“Creating a space within the company where you can let your imagination run free”

This is the idea behind MAGISTRO LAB, QD’s research and development department dedicated to innovation.

QD Magistro Lab is a creative forge that interprets the contact of water with our daily environment, bringing it into contact with industry. It is that part of the factory that never allows a product or process to be taken for granted, rethinking it again and again and again.

Paolo D'arrigo


As smooth as time in nature.

I live design as alchemy of nature and hi-tech. I practice from not as an aesthetic invention, but as the result of process that measured with the constraints of the material and pushes them further.

Each material is a map to follow, letting oneself be guided by its signs, following its implicit directions and revealing those that are possible and yet to be written. In this path, the know-how of the companies with wich I work become a means and a boundary to explore and expand as much as possible. I pursue a beauty that communicates the unexpected. I do not plan to respond to a coded need. I start from common elements to reinvent gestures.

tagmi studio


The architecture of water

“We always start by reworking what is around us in order to arrive at the synthesis of something new”.

The Swing series stems from this reflection that lies at the heart of our creative journey and the desire to create, through a unique detail, a collection with a strong and unique character.

Taking up the distinctive feature of the lever, with extreme attention to proportions, we have arrived at a decomposition and recomposition of volumes.

The simplicity and geometry of the handle create linearity and elegance in a timeless manner.

Gianluigi Landoni

The perfect O.

I believe that a good product is not only the creation of a beautiful, visually pleasing shape, but the result of several factors such as: production processes, engineering, aesthetics, user experience/ergonomics and communication.

Finding the right balance between these points is what results in good design.

So I can say that a characteristic of my creative process is to approach design in a holistic way, with a broad knowledge of the historical and cultural roots of the design world.

Smile is inspired by the industrial world. The polished design recalls the shape of the circle, a symbol of perfection, continuity and harmony.

The knurling on the outer profile reinforces the industrial concept and is a distinctive, distinguishing detail.

The ergonomic shape facilitates function and ensures the best possible use.

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